About Catherine

Catherine in her kitchen
                  with mixer

Hello! I am Catherine, the owner and sole employee of Catherine's Kitchen, LLC. I bake out of the Artisan Exchange in West Chester, PA and have a retail and wholesale license. I individually make and package every cookie, bar and tray of bark that I sell. I use tried-and-true family recipes and only the best ingredients. No skimping on butter and good chocolate.

Since an early age, I have been an avid baker. In college, I honed my baking skills while working in the bakery at a country market in Connecticut. There, I sold Paul Newman his Thanksgiving and Christmas pies! My little claim to fame. While working as a lawyer and then as a mom, I found baking to be a therapeutic outlet. Baking allowed me to be creative, make an end product quickly and bring joy to others. For years people have been telling me I should sell my baked goods. I began the licensing process five years ago and have been in business four years. The business has been fantastic and continues to grow. I attribute this to the quality of my product.

Catherine's daughters baking

I sell certain constant offerings and then rotate in seasonal items such as my lemon squares. I am happy to design and make platters for parties and special occasions. Also, I have launched a college care package program. You provide the student's name and address and I arrange for a delicious care package to arrive on campus before midterms and finals as well as during holidays -- really anytime. As the mother of college students, I recognize how students love to receive these packages. I have a gluten free daughter and have perfected a number of delicious gluten free products.

Please call, email, or text me and I can discuss your perfect order and delivery schedule. Catherine's Kitchen also has a Facebook page and an Instagram - please visit the pages to like and follow! Please enjoy all my items - they are made with love and it warms my heart when someone writes and says how much they enjoyed them.