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When I baked for fun, I always shared my baked goods and enjoyed bringing a little happiness to the recipients. To this day, I still love to hear how my customers and friends have loved my baked goods.

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Our whole family loves Catherine's Kitchen baked goods! We especially like the Almond Crescents, Banana Bread, and Cinnamon Loaf. She is a fantastic baker, and her products arrive fresh and well packaged. We highly recommend her baked goods - they are delicious! - Bill L.
Thank you for the delicious blondies. My aunt is a trained baker and we shared the blondies and she said they were excellent!! - Kelly W.
Have been sending my college students packages for years for exam times and special holidays. It's a welcome surprise for them to receive and they are the envy of their roommates. My kids love the Blondies best. Such a yummy way to say I love you when they are away at school. - Susan B.
Catherine's Kitchen makes the perfect treats for any occasion! I love receiving these delicious sweets as care packages at college. They are such a great surprise to receive in the mail, and they taste so fresh and homemade. My favorites are the chocolate caramel bark and chocolate chip blondies! - Emma O.
I gave away a few dozen almond crescents and kept 2 dozen for myself which I froze and they are as delicious right out of the freezer. - Portia B. (A Gluten Free customer)
Cookie trays played to rave reviews! Everyone enjoyed them especially the gluten free people. - Bob W.
Fabulous! Eliza said it's awesome. The almond crescents melted in your mouth, the oatmeal cookies were so crispy and I'm having some banana bread for breakfast!! (I have a feeling the goodies were finished off during the Super Bowl!) Thanks again for getting the package to her so quickly! - Mary D.
Thank you so much for sending the cookies!! They are delicious! - Sabrina R.